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Re: [Icehouse] Icehouse Dynamic Connection Game

  • Fromryanmcguire@xxxxxxx
  • DateThu, 11 Mar 2010 15:42:39 +0000
> It's played by two players with a stash each on a chessboard. There are 
> imagined (or real if you want to make/draw them in) rows extending out
> on all sides of the board, as if it were a 10x10 board with the corner
> squares removed.

Too bad pyramids are sold as Treehouse sets now. What are your options?
1. Buy 5 Treehouse sets (5House?) and use two colors.
2. Buy 3 Treehouses and have colors team up: e.g. blue and green vs red and yellow.
3. Buy two different Treehouse sets and go Rainbow versus Xeno.
(Or maybe Breast Cancer Awareness Pink vs a non-pink set)

Suggesting someone buy 5 Treehouse games just to get 2 stashes is a bit much. 
Then again, I think everyone should have 5House so that can play Volcano.

David Artman:
> >> 3) Move the piece. Pieces move orthogonally, never diagonally. They move up
> >> to 4 - p spaces, where p is the pip-count. Or, in other words: big pieces
> >> move 1 square, mediums up to 2 squares, and smalls up to 3 squares. Pieces
> >> can not move through, move onto, capture, or push other pieces.
> I'd expand the notion of "capture," as it happens two ways in Icehouse
> games: stacking to immobilize, and piece removal
I'd just leave the idea of "capture" out altogether since it has no place in this game.  Same with pushing.  Maybe just make the move rule reference the properties of the board squares instead of the pieces:  "Pieces can not move into or past a square that contains another piece."


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