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[Icehouse] Zark City rules questions

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 5 May 2010 18:12:59 -0400
Since I'm going to run the Zark City tournament at Origins, I just
played a couple of games with my daughter.  We liked it!  But it did
bring up a few questions:

1. Is the Hatch option *only* available if you have no pyramids on the
board?  The rules seem to imply this, but they could be interpreted
otherwise. I could have had an easy win in my first game if I could
have Hatched onto a 3rd card of Power Block, but I ruled that it
couldn't be done.

2. What if 2 or more players fulfill the win conditions at the same
time?  For example, player A moves a pyramid onto a card that fills
her Power Block, but it also vacates a card shared with player B,
giving him uncontested occupancy of his own Power Block.  Of the
possible rulings -- A wins, B wins, they share a win, moves like that
aren't allowed -- my guess is that the player making the winning move
(in this case, A) wins alone.  Yes?

3. What if the deck has been gone through a couple of times, and
almost all that's left are the face/Attack cards, and it looks like no
one can win?  My guess is that the answer would be something like
this: "In the rare event that no one can bring about a win, then all
players lose.  This decision can be made by agreement of all players
involved, or if at a tournament, the person in charge makes the


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