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  • FromKristin Looney <customer-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 05 Oct 2005 09:22:03 -0400
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Yes, it's true! EcoFluxx is finally here! A brand-new version of Fluxx, with ecological theming. All new art for Keepers and Goals, of various animals, plants, and natural resources. And it's not only fun, it will help the environment. A portion of the profits from the game will be donated towards smaller conservation groups around the country.


Play with Dirt! Have Poisonous Mice! Feel Sunshine on your Snakes (that's the Goal "Basking" actually). You can even use Composting, a New Rule that, what else -- let's you draw from the bottom of the discard pile. Or cause a Mass Migration where everyone passes keepers around.

Find out about the new "Eats" Goals: For example, if you have Insects, and I have Spiders, I can win if the Goal "Spiders Eat Insects" comes up... unless you also have Poison, in which case, your Insects are poisonous, and I can't eat them. Darn!

The box is a beautiful mix of blues and greens, with grass and clouds, and the display is similarly nature-themed, with beautiful line-drawing keeper art around the sides.

If you have a favorite friendly local game store - please call them and tell them you want to come in next week to get a copy of EcoFluxx (they started shipping out this week to our distributors).

Find a store near you: http://roster.looneylabs.com

or you can always order the game from our online store:

Thanks for playing Looney Labs Games!

-Kristin (of the Looney variety)

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