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[New-stuff] 3HOUSE is here!

  • FromAlison <customer-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 17 Jul 2007 12:23:07 -0400
Hello Looney-fans!

We are pleased to announce that 3HOUSE, the long-awaited rules booklet for three Treehouse sets, is now available! And did we mention that Treehouse won the Origins award for Best New Board Game of 2006? Yay! Now that you've got one Treehouse tube, pick up a couple more, and a 3HOUSE booklet, and explore the richness of the Icehouse Pyramid game system!

LOO-026 3HOUSE	$3

3HOUSE is a slim booklet with rules to three different games you can play if you have three Treehouse sets (all three Xeno, or all three Rainbow). The games range in complexity from easy to medium to difficult, and present a range of styles of pyramid games. Three games for three Treehouse sets for three dollars! What a deal!

Black Ice is an all-new easy memory/luck game for 2 players. Three smalls of unknown color are hidden under the three large black pieces in a row in the center, which represent secret code in a central computer. The players goal is to mark their black pieces with the correct color sequence to "hack into the computer." Rolling all three Treehouse dice gives you a series of move choices that let you do things like peek at one of the hidden pieces, reset one, mark your own pieces, or move things around. The game takes about 10 minutes.

The second game in the book is Martian Chess, a 2-4 player game known to many already, and previously published in Playing With Pyramids. It's a light strategy game of capture played on a chessboard, where color is irrelevant, and ownership is determined by location of the piece. Technically, you could play this with three tubes of pyramids of any color.

Lastly Binary Homeworlds, the two-player version of the deep strategy game, Homeworlds, is presented. It's a game of interstellar conquest where managing resources is as important as movement and placement. Two-player strategy points and rules nuances are presented which make this slightly different than the rules as presented in Playing With Pyramids.

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