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[New-stuff] Seven Dragons from Looney Labs is now shipping!

  • FromAlison <customer-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 23 Jun 2011 20:52:30 -0400
Hey Looney Labs Fans!

It's long-overdue new-stuff announcement! In fact, we skipped one, so some of this might be slightly-less-new-stuff.

First of all, our newest game, Seven Dragons is officially released.

Ask for it at your friendly local game store
(Call stores first to verify availability)

...and shipping now from our own webstore!

Gameplay is similar to our classic favorite, Aquarius, but the art is all beautiful dragons painted by Larry Elmore, and we've added a new card, the Silver Dragon which increases the level of strategy in the game. The Silver Dragon is the start card for the game, and starts wild, but as soon as an Action is played, it mimics the color of whatever Action card is on top of the discard pile.

This makes for much more nuanced decisions about how to play your actions, since you can choose to take the action without changing the color, by playing your action to the bottom of the discard pile; or you can place your action on the top of the pile, changing the Silver Dragon, but choose not to use the actions power; or do both, or neither - your choice.

Also available is the promo card Shuffle Hands, for Seven Dragons. This is a peel-off promo card which, when played to the top of the discard pile, makes the Silver Dragon wild again, like it is when the game starts.

The other new promo card we have is for Aquarius. If you like the dynamic of the Silver Dragon mirroring the Actions in the discard, you can add the Aquarius Dragon in to your game, using it as the start card, with the same powers as the Silver Dragon in Seven Dragons.

Since we forgot to make an announcement to this list, I'll mention it now: Pirate Fluxx came out in February, and is proving to be a huge hit. Many say it's their favorite Fluxx ever, citing things like the new Surprise! card-type, which can be played out of turn, or the new rule, Plunder, or the Captain's Hat - ton's of fun!

And don't forget the promo card, Skullduggery: a Surprise! card you can add in to any of your other Fluxx decks.

Oh, by the way, join the new Looney Labs fan club at our new website:


Thanks for playing our games!

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