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Re: [Rabbits] Pittsburgh Warren: Three Rivers Arts Festival

  • FromBlack Paladin <cadell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 7 Jun 2005 12:09:30 -0400
I can probably make it Thursday, especially if it's one of the
Festival locations at Point State Park or Gateway Center.  I managed
to get myself a job (oh, yeah, side note: I GOT A JOB!!  Full-time, in
my field and everything!!) at the corner of Fort Pitt Blvd. and
Stanwix St. (about a block from Point State Park), so I could easily
get there after work and just catch a much later bus home than I
normally would.

Saturday's out, though: SCA event I've committed to attending. :-/

I don't have giant 'rids, but I can bring my game bag.  Let me know
what plans end up being.


On 6/7/05, Elliott C. Evans <eeyore@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The Three Rivers Arts Festival is underway, and while I didn't
> manage to get planning done *beforehand*, we still have plenty
> of time to invade some area downtown and play giant pyramid games.
> How's this Thursday evening for people? I was thinking some time
> around 6:30 to enable people to park cheaply and maybe find some
> food beforehand.
> We could also play on Saturday afternoon. Noon or 2pm might be a
> good time. There are no major special events that day, so it will
> just be crowds of people wandering around looking for cool stuff
> to do.
> If this Thursday is bad, and this weekend is full, what about
> next Wednesday evening? That's a bit more warning. No special
> events that night that interest me.