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[Rabbits] [Event] Three Rivers Arts Festival by Elliott C. Evans

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  • DateFri, 10 Jun 2005 10:09:49 -0400
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Title: Three Rivers Arts Festival
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: 2005.06.09

Silaria, SwiftFox, Zarf, Paladin, Goob (who is not a rabbit), and I played a bunch of Giant IceTowers games in downtown Pittsburgh near the Three Rivers Arts Festival.


We started out in the PPG Place Plaza, but halfway through the first game the security guard asked us the leave. "It's not me," he lied, "it's my supervisor." Apparently it's OK to have half-naked toddlers run around barefoot on wet concrete, but not OK to have adults playing a game. Anyway, we moved on.


We wound up in Market Square, playing up on the raised "stage" area. This was neat because it has a nice awning, and we thought it might rain. The square is a high traffic area, so we got a lot of spectators, including a large convention group of some kind who were disgorged by one of the largest stretch limos I have ever seen. SwiftFox and Silaria have a camera with a bunch of photos.


We got tired of that location after a while, so we went down into the actual park. They were watering the grass, so we played on this stone plaza just inside the main part of the park. The band "Bill Deasey" was playing on the festival stage just on the other side of the highway viaduct (pedestrians go underneath the highway). Eventually, everybody wandered off homewards.

It was very hot, but we didn't get rained on. We had bunches of people asking us what we were doing, and standing still for an explanation. Paladin had actually brought his rabbit box, so he gave out a bunch of IceTowers quickref cards. Consensus among attendees was that it was fun, we should do it again, and that at the end of an evening two stashes of giant pyramids are very heavy.