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[Rabbits] [Event] Post-Katrina demo by Stephanie Spagnola

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 28 Aug 2005 19:36:38 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Stephanie Spagnola has submitted.

Title: Post-Katrina demo
Location: Dragons Lair
Date: 8/27/05

I had a demo scheduled for Friday Night. Due to Hurricane Katrina coming through the night before, they, like a good portion of Broward County, had no electricity. Despite this, they still were open. The owner put tables outside and we held the event untill dark. We finished the last hand of Flux by flashlight. Not suprisingly, I had a small turnout,only 6 people. I plan to hold another next month.