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  • From"Nimrod Jones" <nimrod@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 8 Nov 2005 22:22:51 -0000
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Congrats on GenCon. I can imagine it was a good one - shame I couldn't be there, but I'll be around for Conception in February. Hopefully I'll be able to get down to GCUK06, but that's just a wee bit in the future for me to start planning yet.


On 08/11/2005 01:23:16, Jennifer Waddington (very_evil_kitten@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> We finished it, despite drastic understaffing (mainly my fault). Thanks to
> Alex and Dunk for heroic Rabbit-like endeavours beyond any call of duty.
> Once I crunch the data and convert to photos into images, some kind of
> report will be submitted. Everyone needs to remind the other two to do so
> and claim their justly-deserved Rabbit points, though.
> No gamer-voted-for awards this year, unfortunately...so we
> don't know if we
> technically successfully defended our 'Best
> Demonstrator' title. But we got
> a thank you in the closing remarks by the main organiser and the Rabbits are
> allowed back next year. Any volunteers to run 2006?
> Jennifer
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