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[Rabbits] [Event] Festival of Games 3 by Melissa DePlanche

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  • DateMon, 21 Nov 2005 13:44:54 -0500
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Title: Festival of Games 3
Location: Louisville KY
Date: November 19th and 20th

Festival of Games - Louiville KY at the Kentucky Convention.

Festival of Games is a small convention devoted to games - lan, video, tabletop, card, ccgs and RPGs. I volunteerred to be a representative of Looney Labs games, as a good demo rabbit should (I can sometimes be good) and had a few Fluxx and Chrononaut decks, plus a couple of the Chrononauts boosters from a local game store to sell. I had used my points to pick up some happy flowers, pins and promo cards as prizes, and made about 15 friendship bracelets as well for prizes (thanks for teaching my how, Carol!). 

I ended up scheduled up for several hours of Fluxx and a couple for Aquarius. I mostly got pickup games of people wandering by. Some were new players, some were familiar with us from larger coventions, such as Origins. I did also carry demo copies of Chrononauts, NanoFic, Are you a  Werewolf?, Just Desserts and Stoner Fluxx. I mentioned EcoFluxx to several people, and they expressed an interest. I will suggest that the Louisville Game Shop pick some up soon, because of this! 

I gave away two buttons, all of my happy flowers and many promo cards. I also gave a few of them to the dealers, to send them to us to demo the game and to get their own copies. 

It was a fairly small convention, but I enjoyed playing our games. Fewer Aquarius demos, but a decent amount of Fluxx. I also mentioned our products to another game store owner, which was in my area that I didn't know about (Pet Shop Comics). I will try to send him a catalog, and offered to show them any game of ours if they wanted me to do so. 

All in all, it was fun when I got to play with new people.