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[Rabbits] [Event] Basketball or Fluxx by Bill Fogarty

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  • DateSun, 27 Nov 2005 18:19:43 -0000
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Title: Basketball or Fluxx
Location: Maitland, FL
Date: 11/25/05

Every year at Thanksgiving, the whole family (or at least those interested in these sorts of things) head down to the local gym for a post-Thanksgiving basketball game.  Last year, with the start of Natinal Games Week, I decided to run my Natinal Games Week event at the gym so that those not interested in basketball would have something to do.  I had about 20 or 25 people who either played or watched while their children played last year and so decided that we would try it again.  This year we had about 26 players.

Two of the most popular games this year were Are You A Werewolf? and Family Flux.  We ran about an hour of Werewolf and an hour of Fluxx.  Like last year, there were adults who tried to use the games as a baby sitting service while they went off to do other things.  But I was ready for this and told these parents that their child might have some trouble with game mechanics and that if the adult wanted the child to play the parent would either have to be on the child's "team" or play next to them.  With the child whining about wanting to play, this usually made the parent stay and play with their child.

Overall I was very pleased with the event.  I recommended the website and the local big comic/game store in the area (Sci-Fi City in Orlando) to people interested in picking up copies.