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[Rabbits] [Event] Dragonmeet 2005 by Jennifer Waddington

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  • DateSun, 4 Dec 2005 17:47:27 -0500
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Title: Dragonmeet 2005
Location: London, UK
Date: 3rd December 2005

A one-day convention, but one of our busiest. (And the trade hall has a games company selling Looney Labs product.) We ran one game of Family Fluxx with people from other teams even before the doors had opened. Making an appearance were the large-size Cosmic Coasters and Q-Turn pieces that should have been at GenCon, and they excited a lot of questions and comments from people (as did the Volcano board that was set up in advance - I am now totally out of 'Mar's Guide To Icehouse' leaflets).
We ran Fluxx - all variants except Stoner Fluxx (little kids wandering around) at some stage, both versions of Chrononauts, CC and Q-Turn, Volcano, Zendo, and quite a bit of Just Desserts using the new rules, so much that I couldn't break out of my daft 'French' accent at times (but I'll post to the playtest list separately about that). We played AYAW? at the end of the day, then were drafted into a LARP for 5 minutes to be extras in a mass werewolf assault - most fun. Everyone still wanted more games, despite the packing up and closing down going on around us, so we went for a quick round of Fluxx, including our now infamous 'singing rule'. I now have the job of compiling a list of suggested songs for all Keepers in all Fluxx variants before Conception in February next year *sigh*.
Also in need of putting in reports are Alex, Nimrod (who attempted to avoid being lynched on the first turn by wearing an 'I Am Not A Werewolf' t-shirt) and Dunk. Bunny-thulhu guarded our cookies (lemon/ginger and chocolate brownies, for those who are interested), which were much appreciated, especially by the Just Desserts players, who complained that looking at all those pictures made them hungry. We only gave out a few promo cards this time, as stocks need replenishing - no German Cake left at all.