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[Rabbits] Re: [Origins] Origins Early Bird and Expose-A-Friend programs.

  • From"Ryan McGuire and Kerry Breitenbach" <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 9 Jan 2006 23:48:36 -0500
One day left on the Expose-A-Friend offer and I haven't gotten any responses from people that are going to Origins for the first time this year. So I'll give it one last go:

If you are going to Origns for the first time this year, the Expose-A-Friend program can get you in for half-price. Send me an email, and I'll try to match you up with an Origins vertran to make this happen. But tomorrow is the deadline.


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The Origins Early Bird registration offer, which lowers a four-day badge from $50 to $40, is good only through January 10. If you're planning on going to the Convention, be sure to register soon.

They also have an Expose-A-Friend offer. Each person that buys an Early Bird four-day badge can get someone else *who has never been to Origins before* in for free. (Or they can both get in for half price. So, if you've planning on going to Origins and you're not already matched up with someone for the E-A-F offer, send me a private email. I'll match up vetrans and virgins on a first-come-first-served basis. I'm not sendding in forms or handling money, just matching up names.

(Go to http://www.originsgames.com/ --> Attendee Info --> Badges for more info.)

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