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[Rabbits] [Event] Brunswick Games Day 2006 by Ralph Nelson

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  • DateTue, 10 Jan 2006 04:19:44 -0000
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Title: Brunswick Games Day 2006
Location: Brunswick, MD
Date: 1/7/06

Brunswick Games Day 2006 (aka "I *still* wish I was at EveCon") was a blast.  My kids, Museclio (new rabbit), and I got there a bit later than desired but there were still plenty of tables left. We set out a couple of Looney signs and started right in with a game of EcoFluxx. From there, the day just steamrolled along. At one point, we had as many as three separate tables (UberChrononauts, IceTowers, and EcoFluxx) all playing Looney Labs games!  Can't forget to send out thanks to Trevor (Black Paladin) for helping out throughout the day, too!

Since I got hooked on it at Dragon*Con, several rounds of AYAW got played as well, with my daughter actually ending up as Moderator several times (and I even got to be the werewolf once!).

Nanofictionary was a new game for nearly all of the players and got a lot of good crowd-reaction (we ended up using large and small pyramids as extra Grand/Runner-Up, and spare dice as two-cents for the studio audience. Since there was a stage nearby, we even made the participants go up there (until one of them stomped hard and felled a house-of-cards *sigh*).

The other big hit of the day was the demo games of Just Desserts (played with the "original" rules since that's the set that my kids and I liked (and remembered) the best). Since I still had a few JD stickers left over from D*C, the top point-scoring-players got them to add to their Little Experiment nametags.

Ten hours of gaming, over 70 stickers handed out, five of my six cool flowers distributed, and one lucky winner who walked off with a brand new deck of EcoFluxx.

Yeah, it was a cool day.