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[Rabbits] Crafty ideas!

  • FromRagnardove@xxxxxxx
  • DateWed, 8 Feb 2006 22:08:44 EST
Hey all!
This is cross-posted to both the Origins list and the Rabbits list, to catch any and all who might be interested in the topic.
We're running Rabbit Crafts again this year at Origins - best news is that we get to do all of it in the Lab this year, instead of splitting our time over at the Family Track area.  (the moving of all the stuff twice a day was a real drag for me.)  Sounds like we're going to have a Craft Table which will be ours all the time, and dedicated Craft Introduction times set from 12-4 each day.  The cool thing is that we won't be limited to those times to finish things up!  We can just be crafty at that spot all day!!  :)
Here's what I'm looking for:
- Rabbits who want to be a part of this fun chaos we call Rabbit Crafts
- Ideas we can do on the cheap - come on people, we're creative!!
- People to volunteer to bring some basic crafting materials - I'm thinking of the more expensive things like glue guns and cutting mats.  Tape, glue, scissors, markers we got.  I've got 2 different sized cutting mats (legal paper sized and BIG) and a few exacto-knives, but a couple of other mats might be good.
- Some help setting up, cleaning up, tearing down, organizing the space in the lab (where do we set stuff to dry and how do we make sure they get to their person later?)
And probably a whole bunch of other stuff too.
So, to keep these lists ON topic (and since this is a very narrow topic) let's have an email list shout time.  I'll coordinate from this end.  If you want to be a part of the planning and fun, let me know and I'll put your name on the list.  We'll see if a "reply all" sort of email discussion works - and if so, cool.. if not, we'll figure something else out.
So... reply to me - Carol - offlist or on, doesn't much matter.  Just flag me with Craft somewhere in the subject line and we're golden!
looks like we're going to rock this year again folks! 

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