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Hmm, and what about construction paper, or stiff felt, rabbit ears for people to make and wear around?  Some white glue and some white, grey, and pink felt or construction paper and you could have Jr. Rabbits running all over the place.  Along those lines you might also have constructible Mad Hatter type hats.


Also, if you don’t mind some other “crafts” ideas, Egg carton animals, or maybe egg carton animelds, are a quick and easy kids craft.  Several of them only need the egg cartons, some markers and a pair of scissors.  The more complex ones use some pipe cleaners for various appendages.  Most people just toss out their egg cartons anyway, so collecting up some shouldn’t be too hard.


And, other things which could be colored could be the Looney Labs Mad Lab Rabbit, along with some of the game logos, such as Chrononauts, Aquarius, and others.  Also, some of the Fluxx card images might be enlarged and colored.


Finally, instead of a scrapbook/autograph book, it could be a Passport to Fun. J  If it can be organized with the authorized dealers down in the dealers’ area, each one could have their own stamp/ink color to stamp the “passport” to prove that they had been visited by this or that person.  Also, areas could be put in it for stamps from playing various games.  Once you reach certain points in the book, you can get some type of small prize, maybe a promo card or something along those lines.


Again, these types of things are mostly focused on the kids present.


More towards the adults, this could also be used to award prizes for the most Fluxx games played, or the most Aquarius games played, or something along those lines.  Instead of filling up the badge to show that they have played a game, the stickers could be placed into their passport instead.


Well, more can be done with that, but I have to get back to work for now.



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What about making the LL coloring book into a LL coloring autograph/scrapbook?


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Make b&w 8.5 x 11 copies of Looney Labs artwork and let people color
them in.  Hmm... Maybe a LL coloring book.

We've done something like this w/ Alison's Animelds.  Maybe we can get Andy to let us use some of his Iceland cartoons???



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