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[Rabbits] [Event] Just a Game Con Events by Melissa Garlinghouse

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  • DateThu, 9 Feb 2006 23:54:01 -0500
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Title: Just a Game Con Events
Location: Benton County Fairgrounds
Date: February 4th & 5th 2006

I scheduled and ran a Looney Labs Card Game session first thing Saturday morning.  First I had a couple 3 player games of Aquarius, then 3 quick games of Eco-Fluxx.  Mike and Rachel were both new to this version and Rachel was new to Fluxx in general.  She found the new rule twists to be a little confusing to follow at first but ended up winning every game. 

In between events during my break I dug out my Aquarius Peace Puzzle and started to put it together.  It caught the eye of three little boys (8-10) who were finishing a Hero clicks game at an adjacent table and they wandered over and helped me assemble it.  They were impressed that such a small puzzle could be so complex and that the finished picture was made from overlapped cards.

At 10pm I had a request to run another Aquarius/Fluxx session from people who had watched the morning games then wandered off to play something else.  Kandice, Roger, Kolby, Robert and I played six games of Eco- Fluxx. (Kandice & I in every one and the guys played two games each.) Pollution and extinction were very popular and they all liked the fact that the game was Educational. Then I taught Kandice how to play Aquarias, and we played eight games of it.

Sunday afternoon I had a request to run a game of Chrononauts.  Rob, Sam and I played a tense game, their characters both wanted Kennedy dead and I needed him alive so we kept canceling out each others moves.  We all wanted the Mona Lisa so there was a major flood of get there firsts, and rewinds as we passed it back and forth.  I had things just the way I needed them, then Rob played Your Parents never met on me and I came back as the cockroach.
Sam ended up winning.  He left our table went to the vendors area, came back and wrote down the info on the game and went back to buy it.  Yay team!