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[Rabbits] [Event] Ubercon VII by Robert Press

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  • DateWed, 15 Feb 2006 10:32:42 -0500
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Title: Ubercon VII
Location: Secaucus, NJ
Date: 2/11 - 2/12

Rabbits Peter Oliver and I ran a Looney Labs table at Ubercon VII.  We held a number of events, including Chrononauts, UberChrono, Zendo (beginner and advanced), Fluxx, and Volcano on two different days.  We attracted many people to the table (for most games at least 3, and for fluxx 7ish), and introduced quite a few to zendo and fluxx.  All the games were sucessful.  We gave out LooneyLabs Smiley Flowers as prizes for Zendo and UberChrono, and promo cards for Fluxx.