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Re: [Rabbits] Origins 2006 by Amy LoCurto - Medallions

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  • DateThu, 06 Jul 2006 16:29:52 -0400


I never doubted Amy would take that medallion.. I play alot of Volcano.. ALOT of it.. and I've never once, not in a million tries, ever in a single time.. ( get the idea?) beat her!

Anyone that can beat Amy is due the respect that comes with that. Well due the respect that comes with that from me anyway.. whatever that might be worth to you.. =-)

Hey, look at this way.. the day after I caught up on all my sleep.. I threw my back out.. your all probably doing better than me at the moment.. no Villager hunting for me for awhile.

See you all at D*Con

Brahma aka The AYAW? Werewolf

Robert Bunn

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> Title: Origins 2006
> ... Not to say I didn't spend time in the lab.  After several
> unsuccesful attempts to acquire a medallion though Fluxx and Chrono, I conceeded > and went back to teaching others games. I had a lot of fun teaching IceTowers
> and Volcano ...

And I see in retrospect you taught me a thing or two about Volcano:
 - Anyone who's in the finals is probably pretty damn good, so always take
   the time to find and make the most severe moves possible.
 - Be careful of leaving non-standard eruptions.

There are one or two other specific things I could mention, but I don't want anyone (else) to use them against me next year. :)

My hat's off to the Volcano medallion winner for a finals game very well played.

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