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[Rabbits] [Event] Eeyore's Origins Events by Elliott C. Evans

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  • DateThu, 6 Jul 2006 16:03:19 -0400
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Elliott C. Evans has submitted.

Title: Eeyore's Origins Events
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: 2006.06.29 to 2006.07.02

** Thursday

CrackeD ICE Tourney

A small tournament (4 participants) but we had a bunch of fun. For some reason the pieces were really slippery and we didn't have as many packed discs as we did last year. I think we played six games or so total, until we got two finalists, myself and Ryan. Ryan eventually won the day by saying "Achoo" at an opportune time.

Demo Rabbit

I spent most of this time actually demoing Cracked ICE. People saw us playing during the tourney and were interested in learning more. I never thought before about having demos of a game right *after* the tournament.

Giant Martian Chess

Craig Forbes helped out a bunch with this event. We taught a pile of people how to play, more than I expected. People would come and go, so I don't know how many actual full games we played, but the Chessboard actually attracts a different type of person to watch than the pyramids alone do. A few people stopped by for a half hour or so while between other events.

** Friday

Demo Rabbit

I don't remember much about this early demo slot. I know I was playing different games for the full two hours, though. One thing about the open demo slots is that you're not locked into a certain game like with named demos. The old way, if nobody wanted to play [whatever specific game] at [whatever specific time] you might spend an hour just waiting around. This way, people would come in and request what they wanted to play. I even found myslef getting into some games I wouldn't have signed up to demo. For instance, I'm not the world's biggest Volcano fan (I didn't even have a sticker on my badge for it) but I ran a demo of it because some people asked and I could teach, and expanded my own horizons.

Zendo Tourney Helper

Eric came up with all the rules for the tournament, and my job was mostly just to Master some preliminary games. I was certainly glad that Eric, Ryan, and I were all dressed up in our Japanese garb when this huge tour of bigwigs in suits came through the lab. I was very impressed with the "students" in the tournament, they were getting rules I would never in a million years have been able to discern.

** Saturday

Demo Rabbit

Whoo, I should start keeping track of these. I think saturday was the day I actually got sucked out of my upstairs demo slot to help Lee run giant Icetowers downstairs. Qué lástima!

Just Desserts Tourney

This was small too, but fast moving and fun to watch. Andy got us off to a good start by giving a good explanations of the newest rule set and running the first game. I ran the rest of the games as dealer and arbiter, which enabled me to run five full games in less than one hour. One guy was the clear winner after that hour, so we gave him the medallion.

Icehouse Tournament

Since I was able to suck two more people into the tournament ot round out the schedule to 12, we got the preliminaries finished well within the three hour time slot. In fact everything went swimmingly smoothly thanks to help from Craig, Zarf, and Eric. This was the sixth time I've run the tournament, so I have it pretty much down to a science. Full report posted to the Icehouse list.

** Sunday

Demo Rabbit

Er, maybe today was the Icetowers day? Oh no, that was definitely before the Icetowers tournament. Today must have been the Volcano day. Oh wait, I'm pretty sure I played at least one game of Aquarius with a couple of little girls and a Mom. Yeah, that's it.

Nanofictionary Finals

I signed up to run this tournament to make sure I was there to video tape the stories, and video tape I did! All three finalists were experts at playing the game, so most of my "work" for this tourney involved wrangling the crowd and making sure nobody did things at the wrong time. I did have one small problem with a juror arriving late and making it obvious who he voted for, but it was no big deal. The videos will be available online eventually.