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[Rabbits] [Event] Origins & Post OriginsFollowup by Tonya Weaver

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 7 Jul 2006 14:09:26 -0400
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Title: Origins & Post OriginsFollowup
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: June 2006

I arrived at Origins bright and early on Thursday, checked into the lab, got a demo of Treehouse, and then donned my lab coat for the first time ever.  I had a pine tree pinned to my lapel and promo cards in my pocket.  In three days, I gave out 22 pine trees, and played A LOT of Treehouse.  (Sometimes multiple games with the same person in order for them to beat me!)  

When I was in the lab, I played a couple games of Volcano, Chrononauts, Fluxx, more Treehouse, Cracked Ice, Aquarius, and even Cosmic Coasters.  I helped where I could, whether that was down in the booth, in the lab, on a less traveled section of the convention floor where some poor souls ended up playing Treehouse because I couldn't find anywhere else, during the Looney for Learning, in the Miniatures gaming room, and where ever else I could find.  I even tried playing more than one game at a time, which is really hard to do.  One of the best 15 minutes was, however, spending time in the massage chair!!!  Key point, don't sign up for this right before becoming Top Rabbit.  Other lessons learned, occassionally take off the lab coat, or people will come up to you saying "I need a pine tree!".  Also, don't spill your Carrot Box on the escalator.  If you do, make sure you have another kind Origins participant ahead of you to help collect your newly acquired promo cards!  

Of bitter disappointment, however, was leaving the lab at the end of my portion of the convention.  It was great working with so many enthusiastic rabbits and playing lots of games.  I hadn't realized how hard it is to keep things organized and happy in the lab, and this requires dedicated people who are willing to work really hard to create the type of atmosphere that allows people to relax and try the games.  I'll come more prepared next year. 

Upon leaving, I promised that I would infect people with Looney products during the remainder of the weekend.  I ended up giving away 3 of the 4 Treehouse stashes that I had purchased, both Volcano boards, and promised to send some other friends Fluxx  -- there was no way they were going to get my deck, even though they tried to steal it more than once.  Now, though, 2 of my friends are angry with me (the two with Volcano boards) because they have to get 4 more stashes and a set of Volcano caps to put those boards to use!  I even gave away my copy of Japanese Fluxx and a large Fluxx box.  One of the people I played Fluxx with saw the Chrononauts card and mentioned that he had played this game by the same name.  He didn't know they were produced by the same company.  I heard him telling another friend when he left that he was going to have to get Fluxx.  

Now it is off to personalize my lab coat for next year.  Any suggestions?

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