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RE: [Rabbits] [Event] Origins Report by Melissa DePlanche

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The password didn;t work.. for the pictures..

Please resend the information.. I'd love to see the shots..

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Subject: [Rabbits] [Event] Origins Report by Melissa DePlanche
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This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Melissa DePlanche has submitted.

Title: Origins Report
Location: Columbus OH
Date: 06/28-7/1

Origins was an incredibly fun event for me. I was one of the Pine demo rabbits and also lured and hooked my husband in as anew Rabbit :) I gave out all of my pine trees, plus some of my husband's Palms, when I was pined away to nothing. It was a new and fun way to play with the stashes, and got a lot of people interested, as well as to get the promo cards from us. I like the idea of us instituting a three game rule and then giving the card out - I won about half the time and people had to keep trying. I also helped Carol on Rabbit crafts for the last two days. I helped with the friendship braceley/paper pyramids and the foamy craft event. The foamies seem to be a definite favorite, for all ages. Also the tshirts were popular as well. I think we need to tone crafts down to 3 or 2 days, or split it among more of us so that Carol gets a chance to play and shop too :) Unfortunately, I was unable to stay much for the breakdown, but at least I helped with the setup. The wedding was beautiful and special, and I was honored to be a part of it.

Also, here is a photo link to my pictures. The password is Melissa, should you need it.
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