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  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 14 Aug 2006 18:30:24 -0500
This was going to go on the bottom of my last email, but it got a little too big and grew into a post of its own. So about me then...

I live on the south side of Chicago if anyone around me wants another sentient simian to play with.

My favorite color is iridescent (or and dark color from the spectrum of green to purple, if you want a traditional color). Aside from games, I like rubber stamps, and learning everything that has even a remote connection to game design/publishing, from set theory to typography to the effect and expectations of media of all forms. I like cats but have a mild allergy. My drugs of choice are caffeine and ritalin (just because I need it doesn't mean I can't enjoy it). I really like to cook, and I've become fairly good at making reasonably cheap food for a party of gamers (really big stir fry's, italian beef, curry, spaghetti... pretty much anything Italian or Oriental) the hardest part is guessing how many unexpected to expect. I really need to work on making pop-tarts from scratch so I can experiment on my brothers and their friends on whether fluffernutter pop tarts work (I don't like fluffernutter personally, but they do enjoy sandwiches of the stuff).

Speaking of potheads, I believe in legalization, though I won't participate... And shitty weed gives me headaches, not as bad as those described on the perfume allergy card, but bad enough to make me unsocial [and being social is the only reason I'd subject myself to the secondhand smoke in the first place] So if you have to smoke, pick up some quality stuff, not only for your sake, but for those around you. The biggest problem with stoners I have is socio-economic however, as they had a tendency to get the munchies and eat everything in the house (with me being of limited means, and my brothers not contributing, this became a very big issue). Besides, if it were legal, I could say "get out of the house, go to a cafe, and get the munchies there where you won't eat all my damned food".

I know there are perfectly functioning stoners out there, but a small band of potheads has set a very bad example for my opinion of the group as a whole. I still think prohibition is stupid though. I taught basic computer skills to ex-cons, and for the most part, the drug war or the gang violence it caused were the reasons their lives were ruined. And to argue by anectote, which I shouldn't be doing, I've never heard of someone coming home stoned and beating their wife...

So umm... that's a really long rant about me that says nothing for my interest in games (specific games)... (which should be a rant twice as long)

-Evan Parker

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