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RE: [Rabbits] [Event] GenCon 2006 by Amy LoCurto

  • From"Shane Tilton" <tiltons@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 23 Aug 2006 14:30:09 -0400
First of all, massive props to Amy who I left out of my report, my mistake.
(She can really dance and play against three volcano players at the same

> > > Shane (who started off what turned into a AYAW marathon with well over
> > > 150 players throughout the weekend - I think at one point there were 5
> > > villages)
>> There was at least a two hour span on each of Friday and Saturday nights
>> (when I was counting) with 5 full villages.  That's 75 simultaneous
>> players.  Saturday night I think we even got a bit above that, with a
>> couple of the villages bulging a bit to 17 players during a moderator
>> shortage.
> Werewolf was frighteningly successful at GenCon--there is a picture in my 
> gallery:
> http://gallery.empathogen.org/main.php?g2_itemId=593
> It was hard to get a good angle to really show how many people were out 
> there. This was early on, all the villages were still at least 10 people 
> strong. You can see two villages on each side of the hall, and behind the 
> last village on the left sitting on the floor there was a whole other 
> village. It was crazy! Thanks to all the wonderful Rabbits who quite 
> successfully wrangled Werewolf for us this year!

The amazing/scary/weird part was that I believe we complete sold out of the
AYAW? Ribbons. (Josh, was that 500 or more ribbons?) It seemed we had new
players every night. I thought it would quit around midnight everything.
There was one point were we had 8 villages going at the same time. 6 in
front of the lab and 1 in front of the 500 Ballroom and 1 inside the
ballroom with 15 to 21 villagers in each village. WOW!!!!!!!! 

The second point is that GenCon is going to being losing space for one or
two years. (Check out page 37 in the GenCon program under GM Rewards) What
we may have to consider is using one of the other hotel ballroom or meeting
spaces for the Lab space. That could allow us to more space for AYAW?, Giant
Treehouse and other space similar to how we use it at Origins.

> GenCon was the first con with *lots* of Giant Treehouse, and I observed a 
> few very interesting patterns. First, there seemed to be two sorts of 
> players--those who just wanted to play to get the promo cards we were 
> giving away, and those who liked the game enough to come back and play 
> over and over again. I'd go out to check on the folks in the hall (Thanks
> to all those Rabbits who helped running Giant Events in the hallway 
> outside the lab!) and there would be maybe six or seven people sitting 
> around in a semicircle, rolling the die, which would be picked up by the
> Rabbit running the game. If they wanted to do something to the house,
> they'd describe it to the Rabbit, and then the Rabbit would toss the die 
> to the next player. It was relaxed and fun, and people really enjoyed 
> rolling the giant Treehouse dice.

If we do go with another hotel, Giant Treehouse would be a great outside
game to draw people in. 

> > Most of all, we all need to say a HUGE thank you to our wonderful
> > coordinator, who ran the Lab while the Looneys ran the booth, who
> > covered any and all blanks in the schedule, covered for rabbits who
> > had to be elsewher for "just 15 minutes", who opened up early, closed
> > up late, "forgot" to take breaks, welcomed all of our visiters, worked
> > with the GenCon staff to make the ribbons a way to welcome everyone to
> > our room without the teadiousness (and expense) of individual tickets,
> > who greeted and taught and smiled and hugged and cared for us &
> > appreciated us.  Josh really is "he who gets it done, and done well"
> > in my book.  So.....yeh Josh!
> Hear, hear!  Josh, you were amazing.

Completely agreed

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