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  • FromJosh Drobina <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 08 Sep 2006 12:55:01 -0400
Hello, everyone.

First, let me apologize. I'm sorry that I didn't take the time yesterday to
email the list and ask everyone to continue the discussion off-list.
Through my inaction, this discussion got way out of hand, and for that I'm
truly sorry.

Please realize that this mailing list is a safe place--always assume good
faith in your fellow posters. We're a community of friendly, good-natured
people, and nobody should feel attacked here. If it ever does happen that
someone posts a comment you feel is offensive, you should feel free to send
me an email or give me a call at the office--(301) 441-1019. Don't take
matters into your own hands, and if for some reason you must, please don't
post it to the entire mailing list. The matter will not be improved by ten
more posts inflaming the issue.

Again, I'm very sorry I didn't step in sooner, and I hope sincerely that
this sort of thing won't happen again in the future. Thanks for being
Rabbits, and thanks for sticking around through bad times and good.

Josh Drobina (rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Rabbit Coordinator

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