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[Rabbits] Rabbit Library (was: Questions a Font)

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 04 Nov 2006 12:59:54 -0500
responses to various responses...

Out of geeky interest what are the fonts you use? I guess I could be
accused of being a bit of a font freak - I always like to know what
fonts are being used for anything.

I'm not the one to answer this, but at some point when
Andy or Alison get caught up reading the rabbit list they
can answer this font question...

I think I'll just find someplace else to upload them so I don't
keep throwing 600k files at everyone.

Yes!  Please don't send attachments to this list!

As for sending in your own signs, I'm sure they'd appreciate
it... but I have no idea whom to send it to. (kind of the
problem I'm having with the pdf I'm sitting on)

Sorry...  I so wish I had a good answer for these questions.

I have been promising you guys an electronic playground with a
Rabbit Library where everyone could build and share all the flyers
and things that you create to help promote our games...   but I
have not managed to make it happen yet - and I still don't have
the resources in-house to do it right now.

Would anyone like to volunteer to host/run the rabbit library?
If we had someone with server space, and the time to interface
with any rabbit who had something they wanted to make available...
everyone could move forward on creating the content now. Then next
year sometime when we finally get our new rabbit site built, we
could move everything over and take over the hosting ourselves.

If anyone is interested in offering this service to the rabbit
community - please send email to rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
letting us know your thoughts on how you could make this happen.
What's important is that it not take much time from anyone who
works for me - cause we are crazy busy and overloaded with work!

Anyone else who wants to help me make all of this happen, can
help by promoting sales of our games in your local game store!

Thanks for being the most amazing fans a Kristin could dream of!

-Kristin "Mamma Rabbit" Looney