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Re: [Rabbits] [Event] AWAY? I: The Challenging by Shane Tilton

  • FromShane Tilton <tiltons@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 04 Nov 2006 09:39:26 -0500
The best answer I could figure was that there was a huge game of Humans vs.
Zombies, which had around 650 players, going on the same time as the event.
I didn't realize that there would be a time conflict with any other games.
Also, I failed to connect the local gaming shop to create a tie-in. I was
more concern about creating interest on campus. When I do this next year, I
going the local business an opportunity to help, if they wish.

The location was excellent, it was in the middle of the campus. The weather
was a little rainy, which may have prevent people from coming out. When I
was waling on Court Street, the bar were slightly busy, as opposed to
packed. The bars are a good barometer to see if people are out and about in

It was definitely a learning experience. Despite the lack of turnout, I had
a lot of fun organizing the whole event. Plus, it got my mind off my
writer's block.    

On 11/4/06 9:12 AM, "Kristin" <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Shane Tilton has submitted.
>> http://rabbits.looneylabs.com/?RabbitUserID=shane
>> ========
>> Title: AWAY? I: The Challenging
>> Location: Baker Center, Ohio University
>> Date: 2006/10/31
>> After the intense prep and PR campaign, we only had 8 players. We played
>> from an hour and stopping. There was a lot of exposure to Looney Labs
>> games on campus through Facebook and other web sources
> Bummer!  I'm sorry so few people showed up for this!
> You certainly still get your rabbit points for organizing it, even though
> the turnout was not what you hoped for...
> Do you have any thoughts on why the marketing you did for the event did not
> generate more players?  Were there other events going on around campus for
> Halloween?
> The wisdom I take from this is that it's easier to organize an event that
> runs *at* an event that someone else has already organized, where they have
> already done the work of gathering a big crowd of people together in one
> place where you can just work on providing something fun to entertain this
> crowd of people who have already gathered.
> Thank you Shane for trying to organize a big Halloween werewolf event...
> -Kristin (who is still most certainly NOT a werewolf)
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