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Re: [Rabbits] what to bring

  • From"Jennifer Waddington" <very_evil_kitten@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 06 Nov 2006 15:10:10 +0000

Well, first of all, I should have typed giant-SIZED Cosmic Coasters...they are simply the normal coasters, colour copied to about 12" diameter and backed with 5mm thick foamboard. My dad's pretty nifty with a craft knife so I got him to trim them to shape. The pieces are large cubes in glittery Fimo with a little spaceship stamped onto each one. The large Q-Turn pieces are the size of normal-size Cosmic Coasters, in black foamboard with the arrows in silver paint. I use contrastingly coloured semi-precious stones as pieces for that. The giant Q-Turn set is made from film cans. For some reason, mainly Spiderman 2 ones.

I'm not living my World of Warcraft professions. If I were, I would be making mechanical squirrels.


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Subject: Re: [Rabbits] what to bring
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giant-szie Cosmic Coasters

Explain please.

As for things that ride with me... I've taken to taking my bag of cosmic
coasters and "dirt" (little glass beads) everywhere.. but I still don't have
a printout of phobos.

Then again I also usually have a military surplus sack filled with a bunch
of parts to things too... I do nee to make myself a bag for two or so
treehouse tubes though (perhaps I should start sending back dice for tubes
(I've 4 stashes that are tubeless, but they're in a neat martian chess
section bag).

I look around and see that I'm now living the World of Warcraft... I've
become the guild bag maker. (2x chessboard (martian) bags, 1 CC bag, several
small dice bags (blue moon, red saturns, etc...) Imagine if I had a sewing
machine and knew how to use it... (though I suppose I can practice later
today if I can't sleep..)

I suppose I've ranted enough for now...


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