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[Rabbits] Where's Rev. Bob's Points?

  • FromCarol Townsend <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 16 Nov 2006 17:27:20 -0600

--On Thursday, November 16, 2006 10:41 PM +0000 "Rev. Bob" <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Speaking of which, I turned in a report 10/29 for an event that took
place 10/27-10/29, and the hotel was kind enough to fax the report card
in for me.  However, the point approval (or disapproval) hasn't gone
through yet.  Is this normal, or should I be concerned?  SuperFRED's
already sent my report to this list....

Um.... my bad.

You see, there's a few steps in getting SuperFRED to do all of this point management stuff - and I forgot one amazingly simple step: Send the email out to the Rabbit when I award them their points. And I've been forgetting this step pretty consistently.


So - by the end of the day today I will have all the points backlog cleared out of SuperFRED. If you didn't get an email telling you that you got points, I'm sorry!! Please accept my apologies and know that I'll try not to forget again! Check your Rabbit pages to find your point totals, and if anyone has any questions after tonight (give me a little bit to get the final few done), just drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to chat with you about it.

Thanks for being patient with me as I'm learning this new part of my job folks! Our Rabbits deserve the best we can give them - because our Rabbits ROCK!

-she who is still learning the SuperFRED waltz! One, two, three AND one, two, three AND one...

Carol Townsend
Event Maven and Rabbit Wrangler

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