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[Rabbits] [Event] Treehouse @ Milaukee Games Day by Stephanie Dicks

  • FromSuperFRED <superfred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 28 Nov 2006 08:34:47 -0500
This is an auto-generated report from SuperFRED regarding an event that Stephanie Dicks has submitted.

Title: Treehouse @ Milaukee Games Day
Location: Adventures in Gaming, WI
Date: 11/18/2006

Introduced 6 new people to Treehouse at Milwaukee Games Day, which was held at 11/18/2006 at Adventures in Gaming from 12:00pm to midnight.  Games Day is a recurring annual or semi-annual event in which people who know each other from an online forum (RPGNet) get together to play board games and RPGs.