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Re: [Rabbits] [OT] icy in st louis

  • From"Carlton Noles" <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 1 Dec 2006 11:55:03 -0500
I do miss the snow. I was born in Florida but grew up in south central Pa (York County about 60 miles north of Baltimore and 20 or so south of Hershey). We moved back to Florida when I was 16. So i never really had to deal with driving in the snow my memories of it involve snowballs, snowmen, snow forts, sledding and getting days off from school. Also I like colder weather when it gets in the 20's and 30's down here I love it. Yes, even this far south it gets cold enough for snow but usually only after the front moves through. I have seen snow in Florida only two or three times since I moved here in 79. Once Christmas eve of 89 there was about 4 inches on top of the cars in the morning (Christmas). All of the others were flurries that didn't stick.
Carlton "Kermit" Noles
"Joy Multiplies when it is shared among friends but grief diminishes at every division. That is life"
-Drizzt Do'Urden
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