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[Rabbits] Re: Pics of Kids playing games?

  • Frommadlab.rabbit.krishaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateSat, 27 Jan 2007 07:13:55 +0900
Assuming you resolve any privacy issues surrounding the photos, there
are also a couple of unofficial places to post them.

Though it's still needing to grow a bit, the Looney Labs Fans group on Ning:


...has a good photo album.  Images can be viewed by the public, and
anyone can embed a little slideshow widget of the group's photos on
their web page. (Down the left of the page, look for the little one-line
box that starts with <embed.)

I've posted there some photos from my demos at GenghisCon, and I've
embedded the player in my Looney Labs Fans group index page.

The MySpace group: http://groups.myspace.com/looneylabsfans is crying
out for some more photos, but I think at the very least you need to be a
MySpace member to see them. :(  Possibly even a group member.

There also appears to be at least one group on Flickr:
http://flickr.com/groups/the_lab/ but it seams to have restricted itself
to photos from Origins.  Perhaps you could join it and ask if it can be
broadened to include non-Origins Looney Labs stuff.

Finally, compiling all the photos into a video with some popular music
appears to be "what the kids are doing these days".  Such a video could
then be posted to YouTube and added to the Looney Labs Fans group there:

Yours, Chris J.

This one time, at band camp, "Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes, yes and yes please!!
> Either list catches my attention - but posting again on the Edu-list might
> spark a teacher's thoughts who hadn't seen it on this list.
> And yes please!  Send any along that you think are OK to post (I know some
> strictures occur when posting student photos - please check your own
> school's policies, as I don't want you to get in trouble)
> miyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > I'm not sure if this is a question for this list or the Edu list, but is
>> > there a place where you guys might want to display some pics of the games
>> > being used in a school club or the classroom? I thought of this the other
>> > day when I had a class playing Fluxx en espanol and wondered if you guys
>> > might have gotten a kick out of seeing that.  Pics like that also tend to
>> > inspire people to integrate more games and things into their class
>> > activities.
>> >
>> >                   -Ryan

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