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[Rabbits] [Project] Looney Labs Fans @ CityPixel by Chris Johnson (fwd)

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Title: Looney Labs Fans @ CityPixel
Location: citypixel.com
Date: 22/2/07

For fans of pixel-art there's a community website called "Citypixel":


It's all done in that no-perspective isometric 3D style like SimCity or a
million other games of the same vintage.  You can get yourself an apartment
and plonk your character on the street.  I think there's some blogging and
the social networking thing too.

You can also start groups, so when I first found it a while back I started
a Looney Labs Fans group.

Since groups there didn't appear to do much, and I couldn't find any decent
way to link to it I kinda set it aside and went on with other group
creating activities elsewhere.  But I've gotten a couple of "we're
expanding" type messages from the site lately so I went back to check...

And two other people have already found and joined the group!  Which makes
it larger than some of my other recent projects.

So, if you're interested in checking it out, the main URL is above.  Once
you've created an account and logged in, visit:


And the group should load.

Enjoy, Chris (Krisjohn) Johnson.

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