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Title: Chattacon 2007
Location: Chattanooga TN
Date: 1/26 - 28

Chattacon is always a fun convention, between all the beer and frineds, hiw
could it be anything but an very relaxing wekkend. It was at the Choo Choo
agian this year, and most of the regular rabbits had previous commitments,
so this year was a little more mundane than previous years.  I did manage
to have two Fluxx Tourneys, a face-to-face treehouse Tourney, and of course
our yearly game of UberChrononauts.  I also taught quite a few pick up
games, and pulled out the giant 'mids for one afternoon full of IceTowers
and TreeHouse.  I alos gave away lots of tree and forest cards, and even
handed out a few prizes that I had stashed away for the tourney winners.
The Choo Choo, if you have never been there, is BIG and very s p r e a d
out, so with gaming being split between two different buildings, the flow
of passersby was not as great as it could have been.  Maybe next year we
can remedy that.

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