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[Rabbits] [Event] SIBCon XI by Patrick Rockhill

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  • DateMon, 12 Mar 2007 12:30:57 -0500
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Title: SIBCon XI
Location: Butler, Pennsylvania
Date: October 28 & 29, 2006

Rabbit Event Report
SIBCon XI; October 27-29, 2006; Butler, PA

After two years of successful ?Labs? at Circle of Sword?s COSCon gaming conventions, Sheri and I decided to continue to build upon our presence at the local gaming conventions by submitting Looney Lab?s game demo?s at SIBCon XI, also hosted by Circle of Swords.   Sticking with the same schedule, we arranged for four hour blocks of demos from 9am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We also added a four hour session devoted to playing and demonstrating Looney Lab?s line of pyramid games using our giant pyramids on Sunday afternoon from 2-6pm.

We arrived to the convention early on Saturday morning and were met by Elliott who helped us set the Lab up with our signature tie-dye tablecloths and games.  Sheri was slated to host a game of UberChrononauts during the same time block and set about setting that up on a table next to us.   There is quite a bit of activity around our tables as convention attendees wait around for the staff to begin to announce the RPGA games.  We answer several questions and hand out some mini-catalogs, but we are unable to get anyone to commit to trying a game.

As the RPGA tables are filled, the crowds of people slowly wander off until there is no one left but us.  The three of us played several hands of Fluxx just to stay active and hopefully draw some interest.  As the morning progresses Elliott set up three Martian Chess boards and we played a few games of that too in an attempt to draw some interest.   As our four hour session came to an end, we realized that we had struck out this morning.  We broke down the Lab and went about the rest of our day.

Sunday morning we all met and once again set up the Lab for another four hours of Looney Labs game demos.  Like Saturday we were surrounded by RPGA gamers waiting to be directed to their tables but it was quite evident that the number of attendees was much less.  We answered questions about the games again, but as the tables were filled, we were left alone.  Our time there was not a total loss though.  We were able to show the fun and simplicity of Tree house to a father and his son for a good half hour before they had to excuse themselves as their miniatures game was ready to begin.  They did inquire as to where they could get a Tree House set, we gave them a mini-catalog and implored them to see their local gaming store first, or visit the website on the catalog and order from the Lab?s direct.

Our afternoon session of IceHouse games was very nearly a wash as well until a gentleman addressed us with a question of what he could do with a single stash of pyramids.  We smiled and introduced him to Tree House using the giant pyramids, along with an ad-hoc games of IceSickle and Tic-Tac-Toe.  (None of us had played the new Martian Coasters and didn?t yet own the game.)   That done we then enticed this fellow to join us and learn Ice Towers, a game he could play with three or more stashes of IceHouse pieces.  We all played three games of Ice Towers before he had to leave.  We left him with a mini-catalog, a print out of the TreeHouse rules and a ?How to play IceTower?s? card from the Ice7 pack.

The stark contrast between how we were received at COSCon and SIBCon left us all a bit confused and confounded.  Never the less, we will be submitting requests to Circle of Swords to host a similar schedule of Looney Lab?s games at COSCon XIX, March 9-11, 2007.