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Re: [Rabbits] the game donation debacle

  • FromColleen Guernsey <evildarklady42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Apr 2007 05:43:59 -0700 (PDT)
I think that you and Alison and Andy and Carol have been doing the best that a human being can possibley do. If some people can't remember that then they might have a problem. This whole idea originated with a Rabbit and it is a great idea, but no idea goes off completely without a hitch and if certain persons expect perfection from the Looneys then they are just asking too much. It should matter if the soliders get a whole bunch of the same game, there are A LOT of soliders over there after all. But some people should remember that everyone is different and there is no way to be sure that only ONE game will be ordered, just as there is no way to ensure that the soliders will even like all the games that are sent to them. The whole point was to bring a little happiness and sunshine into the soliders lives and help them have fun for a little while anyway.
Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings,
Rev. Colleen Guernsey, the Goth Bunny/Demo Rabbit

Kristin Looney <customer-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Everyone -

Please know that we had only the very best intentions at heart on this.
We made mistakes, we know it and we hear what you're saying. You're
right, we could have handled it better and we're sorry.

We were trying to quickly throw something together, without taking up
too much of anyone's time in the process... using tools that were not
at all well suited for the task at hand. And we didn't think things
through carefully. We honestly were not trying to take advantage
of anyone, or just trying to make money. Carol's original proposal
to our team included covering the shipping cost ourselves, but it
was ultimately decided it would all be much easier, logistically, to
let people donate whatever they felt like spending, and not mess with
adjusting shipping costs, since we were tossing lots of game in on top.

The next time we do something like this, we won't rush into it without
a much better written explanation on how it all works. I honestly
just figured that anyone who wanted to donate would donate a dollar
value that they felt like contributing - and then we would toss in a
bunch on top. We really were planning to be very generous ourselves,
as we have been to our troops several times in the past. Clearly we
needed to be much more specific about what our exact plans were -
and we needed to communicate these plans much more clearly.

So, we're doing that now. Our plan for Ziggurat Con is this:
In addition to removing all shipping charges from all orders, we
also promise to toss in more games of at least 20% of the total
contributed by fans.

Please try to assume good intent. If anyone feels the need to keep
talking about how badly we handled this whole thing - please, let's
do that off list. We do value your input, so please do tell us what
you think... let's just not do it on this public forum.

Thank you for your understanding - and thanks to everyone who has
donated some Looney Labs games to our troops for this little
convention in Iraq.

-Kristin Looney
Business Czar & Mamma Rabbit
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