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[Rabbits] [Event] Starfest 2003-2005 by Cecelia Thomas

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Title: Starfest 2003-2005
Location: Denver. CO
Date: April 2003-2005

As I have mentioned, I am absolutely *horrible* about getting events written up so I am hoping you can forgive me about combining 3 events into one.

My husband (Thor) and I have been demo rabbits for many years. So when our science fiction group was looking for something family-oriented to do at Starfest here in Denver back in 2003, we naturally thought about Looney Labs. I brought the idea up at a meeting and everyone loved it as we had already hooked most of our group onto many Looney Lab games. Starfest was really needing some family-oriented activities and they thought this a perfect fit. So for the last 4 or so years, we have run Looney Lab games at each Starfest. Every year I am amazed at how many people just love the break from the crowds hording around celebrities and costumed guests to just sit and play a fun game or two. And due to our repeated activity, we've managed to convince a  few dealers to start carrying some games at their booth. Yeah! But we still oftern refer people to Valhalla's and Attactix's - 2 locally run game shops. 

We have run mini-experiments at all of these cons through out the weekend with the last few years including a "Are You a Werewolf" tourney. Its fun to watch the many different costumed individuals try to create a village in character.
One of my favorite pictures is of the Predator playing Volcano: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41269856@N00/117281383/in/set-72057594080425593/
Alas, I did not make this year's event due to a prior commitment. But I set up the event and made sure there was plenty of games, promos and such on hand for the rabbits that did run it (Thor, Chuck, & Molly). 
Oh and previous rabbit support has come from Varina Murphy, Molly Barrett, Christine Childs, Chuck Durfee, Ann Meade and of course, my husband Thor. They have all been wonderful!