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[Rabbits] [Event] Pyramids Plus at Pandemonium 2 by Dennis Duquette

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  • DateFri, 15 Jun 2007 02:19:59 -0400
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Title: Pyramids Plus at Pandemonium 2
Location: Pandemonium Books & Games
Date: 2007 June 14

This was the second weekly Looney Labs Demo in the arena at Pandemonium Books & Games (http://www.pandemoniumbooks.com/) in Cambridge, MA.

I again wore my Mad Lab Rabbit badge clipped to my shirt collar and set up pyramids, the chessboard bandana and the card decks as attention-getting devices. One big improvement this week that I recommend to other Rabbits with most or all Looney Labs games is using the Tri-Fold Catalog while deciding with players what game to play. This week there were also three Pencil & Paper RPGs being played nearby in the arena (a definition I should have included in my previous report: the Pandemonium Arena is an array of folding tables and a mix of folding chairs and rolling chairs. The arena is nestled between most of the store's gaming merchandise display, The Sofas of Mortal Peril and The Dining Room Table of Doooom).

This week I met two people interested in playing, talked with two direct spectators and saw some interest from the roleplayers. My first guest, the spouse of a store employee,  vaguely remembered having played Chrononauts, and requested we start with it. While we were both enjoying Chrononauts she mentioned the Fluxx game at her house that she and her husband had not played yet. Thinking that enjoying Fluxx at home couldn't hurt the chances of her husband mentioning it when asked for a suitable recommendation, we played Fluxx next. Shortly after we started we persuaded a teen who was waiting for his father to let us deal him in. We had so much fun that we three played another game of Fluxx. After he had to leave the first player and I played two games each of Martian Coasters and Treehouse (I was hoping to highlight the fun of these inexpensive Looney Labs offerings, since she and her husband recently moved). I gave her a copy of Ice 7, a micro-catalog and an Eco Fluxx pledg!
 e card. Since these are still unavailable in the store, I suggested to her husband after the demo that he look into getting copies of Ice 7 for the store to hand out with Treehouse purchases (I do not know how a store, with its distribution, would get Ice 7). 

The demo ended half an hour after the store was closed, but not before the store employee and owner finished working, so we were not delaying them or otherwise in the way. However, I did not remain to estimate how much Looney Labs games may have sold this week.