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[Rabbits] [Event] Marcon 42 by Rebecca Olson

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  • DateTue, 26 Jun 2007 13:45:55 -0400
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Title: Marcon 42
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: May 25 - 27

I attended Marcon 42 as a Mad Lab Rabbit. Although it was my first ever Little Experiment, I was ready with my own lab coat, experiment kit, and game bag.

I was a little bit disappointed that the Lab was located on the first floor with the other gaming rooms. I know, it makes sense to put Looney Labs with the rest of the gaming events. However, this was my 9th (nonconsecutive) Marcon and for the first few that I attended, I couldn?t even find the gaming area. Admittedly, I am only a casual gamer and for my first few cons, I didn?t have any interest in games. But the beauty of Looney Labs games is that they are easy to play and are perfect for casual and closeted gamers. I really think the Lab would have been more successful on the second floor where the majority of the convention takes place (but I could be wrong).

I think the Looneys picked up on this pretty quickly too. Kristin told me to wave people in from the hall and invite people down when I?m at the rest of the con. Unfortunately I?m normally pretty shy around people I don?t know, and although I tried to break from my shell, I don?t think I was very successful. Not to mention that besides hanging out in the Lab, I only made it to the Dealer?s room, one Munchkin game (Thanks, Nick!!!), and the room parties. I missed all the panels, the art show, and even the free food in the Consuite. I?m certainly NOT complaining, because it was my choice not to get out to the rest of the con. I did convince a few of my close friends to stop by to see me and they even played some games.  

After all the time I spent in the lab, I certainly didn?t play as many games as I would have thought. I ended up teaching and playing quite a bit of Treehouse, since that?s an easy one for me to teach. I only played 2 games of Martian Coasters, surprisingly, since that?s my favorite game. I also taught and played quite a bit of Eco Fluxx. 

Four of us playing Eco Fluxx against Andy in Andy vs. Everybody was quite memorable. Andy didn?t win any games with us, so he finally dropped out completely and took away our flag. We weren?t a very lively bunch, so I wasn?t sure whether or not anyone was getting bored with the game. But no one would make a decision to play anything else, so we just kept on playing and playing!   

Since I?m fairly new to LL, I took the opportunity to learn and play some new games that weekend. I was taught Nanofictionary and Are You a Werewolf?, and I also got to play a game of Zombie Fluxx. On Sunday, I dropped into a game of regular Fluxx, and listened to the stories from another game of Nanofictionary. 

Sadly I had to skip the giant Gnostica game because I couldn?t think straight at 10PM on Saturday and then I also missed giant IceTowers. 

Although I can?t take credit for it, I do know we made a Rabbit out of at least one of the MiBs (Steve Jackson Games). 

This was definitely one of the most memorable Marcons for me, second only to Marcon 38 where I met my fiancé.