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[Rabbits] RE: Icehouse Games Wiki Navigation Pages (update)

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 26 Jul 2007 13:13:33 -0700
Folks, the What Can I Play? page now has integrated notations for publications and awards, as well as for SuperDuperGames:

The gist of it is that, now, there's a superscript 1 for "per player" or 2 for "both Xeno and Rainbow" notations. Then (in parentheses) it lists each game's full publication and award credits, which are also work as inter-wiki links to the relevant pages.

It works VERY well to "tag" games of interest or Quality: they have longer strings of acronyms after them. Check out Martian Chess or Zendo, for instance: they list almost all of them!

(details below, for the code-lovers)

:*<sup>1</sup> = requires that many sets per player.
:*<sup>2</sup> = requires that many sets each of Rainbow and Xeno (i.e. uses more than four or five colors).
:*([[Playing with Pyramids|PwP]]) = published in ''[[Playing with Pyramids]]''
:*([[Hypothermia|Hypo]]) = published in ''[[Hypothermia]]''
:*([[ICE-7|I7]]) = published in ''[[ICE-7]]''
:*([[3House|3H]]) = published in ''[[3House]]''
:*([http://superdupergames.org/ SDG]) = playable at [http://superdupergames.org/ SuperDuperGames]
:*([[Ice Game Design Competition|IGDC]]) = winner of an [[Ice Game Design Competition]]