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[Rabbits] Trinoc*coN 2007 Event Report

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 24 Aug 2007 13:18:13 -0700
Hi, folks: copying Rabbits and Icehouse because... well, I am a Rabbit
making an event report, and I mainly demo pyramids. Makes sense to

Trinoc*coN 2007 Event Report from Rabbit Coordinator (me):

And while I have the Rabbits' attention, note how I have begun to manage

First, I make the con page a CATEGORY page, not an article page:

Then, that page can be used to provide an external link to the con site,
to plan for the upcoming event, AND to provide links to event reports
like the first one above.

THEN, one simply adds the Category to one's own User page, and you
appear on the Category page as an attendee! Neat-o!
(When the badges are finalized, adding one to your User page will also
add the associated convention Category, automatically.)

I think we should all adopt this method of cons-as-categories with event
reports as article sub-pages (CONVENTION_NAME/YEAR naming format--which
makes them article pages, by the way, not categories).

There's discussion of this on the wiki's Main Page talk, on the Schedule
of Upcoming Events page talk, and even on the Rabbit Coordinators page
talk. (Basically, we're flailing around, right now, trying to devise
clean, easy methods to manage all this schedule and reporting stuff in
the wiki paradigm; we'll get there, but not until everyone with a vested
interest ratifies and gets behind our solution or helps refine a
different one. *cough* hint *cough*)

Thanks for your time, folks!

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