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  • From"William M. Reed" <wreed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 8 Oct 2007 09:35:11 -0400
Bah. No offense taken. I was merely excited to see a Looney game promoted to the general game buying public than to worry about the price. As you point out, the people here know the price better than to pay too much.

William M. Reed

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Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 23:15:39 -0700
From: Scott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [Rabbits] Family Fluxx is the Game of the Day
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Just re-reading what I wrote and I hope you don't take offense at it
William, my displeasure is not actually aimed at you. There are simply too many places which will make up a price and attempt to swindle others by claiming that the prices they are selling things at make it a "sale". One of the e-bay retailers had a reasonable price for Family Fluxx listed, but wanted 9.99 for shipping. Then, to see it one of those ads posted to this list, where people should know better.just set me off a bit, sorry about

Scott Sulzer

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