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[Rabbits] Wiki Under Spambot Assault!

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 24 Oct 2007 08:47:15 -0700
Ok, that's a bit wild sounding... but there's at least five new (probably) spambot accounts on the Rabbit wiki, and they are doing their thing (which I bet are preliminary tests) of adding a nonsense word to the start of random pages. They have also successfully created new pages and

The mass deletions are soon to come.

Admins--could you get some kind of ReCaptcha plug-in running? Or better still, switch it to Admin approval for new members? We aren't Wikipedia; we can manage to gateway the site with minimal effort and not render it "unsocial" or "insular." That how the Rabbit Roster worked, right?

Please make this urgent! It's the start of a wave, I guarantee it--they've discovered that we're unsecured and will soon launch their ring tone spam (or childish mass-deletions--doncha just LOVE humans, sometimes?).

I have made a [[Category:Vandal]] to tag the new user pages, to help quickly sort them out for deletion (if I were an Admin, I'd be deleting them instead...). LOCK DOWN THE WIKI!

Thank you;