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[Rabbits] IGDC Winter 2008 is ready for announcement tomorrow!

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 30 Oct 2007 10:03:29 -0700

OK, I lied--I've finalized the voting on the open issues for IGDC Winter
2008 today, with planned announcement tomorrow.


Referring to the now-moved discussions and votes:

RESOLVED: IGDC Winter 2008 will be a design-restricted competition,
because there were only 3 votes against that in general (all of whom
simultaneously voted for a particular restriction) versus 4 votes in
favor of particular restriction ideas without reservations (thus,
assumed to be in favor of restriction in general).

RESOLVED: The restriction is "2HOUSE"--use two Treehouse sets, of either
or both color spectrums--because there were 4++ votes in favor versus no
more than 1 in favor of any other design restriction. (++ = Andy
Looney's vote takes into consideration best possible business promotion
option--a near-trump consideration, as long as I'm the Coordinator.)

RESOLVED: Designers MAY NOT include their own (or collaborated) games on
their ballots, as there were 5 votes in favor versus 3 total for the
other two possibilities (forced to rank #1 = 0; free to rank any way =

RESOLVED (for now): The competitions will run twice annually, Winter and
Summer, with submission deadlines/judging beginning on the first day of
each of those seasons (Dec 22nd and June 21st, respectively). I will
entertain further discussion, but I will require some verifiable numbers
or statistics to back up any arguments--anecdotes and opinions will not
carry much weight, if any.

(Note: I *did* check; the first day of winter has crept forward one
day... we're gettin' old, folks.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the planning stage of this IGDC.
Double thanks to all who are now busily considering what they can do
with two sets that no one else has done before. Triple thanks to those
who watch this space, intending to judge every game as soon as they are

Game ON!
David Artman
IGDC Coordinator, Winter 2008