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[Rabbits] Rabbits digestion: Arisia

  • FromE Zuckerman <zuckermn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 3 Jan 2008 12:35:54 -0800 (PST)
--- rabbits-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Brian wrote:
B> I've  
B> finally started getting the ball rolling on the events I wanted to

B> run, and it looks like we will be able to slip in just before the 

B> deadline. I decided to do the same thing as last year, which is to

B> have a Looney Labs Card Games session, an Icehouse Games session,
B> and  
B> a Giant Icehouse session. It sounds like there is still time to
B> the card games and Icehouse games on the schedule, but the Giant  
B> Icehouse is still up in the air (if nothing else, Eric is running 

B> Giant Zendo, so at least we get to play with the giant pyramids).
   That's funny.  I was told (I had a layer of abstraction in viewing
the schedule, as everything went through the GoH Liaison
middleperson) that I could "help" with the Giant Zendo, but that I
wasn't the person who put it on the schedule, so I couldn't make any
changes (the most pressing of which was that I wanted to take the
word "teach" out of the listing -- if it's only an hour, then it'd be
more helpful if people could show up already knowing tabletop Zendo).

   Hey, what does Arisia use for stones?

B> Let me know today, since apparently the final pre-print draft of
B> the  
B> schedule will be done tonight. Sorry for the last minute planning
B> here!
   If you could show me whatever version of the schedule (gaming,
panels?) you can see, I'd be appreciative.   ;->

B> Also, who all will be at Arisia? I know Eric and myself will be
B> there  
B> so far; and Eric mentioned Eeyore, though I'm not sure if that's a

B> video appearance or in person.
   Eeyore will be there in person, oh yeah -- he can't run camera for
me remotely!  I also just got an LJ comment from Kat Dutton that says
she's going.  Additionally, I have talked to:  Chris Cieslik, Jason
MacIntosh, mayyyyyybe Tim Sieger (long shot, what with parenthood),
Nathan Dilday... DEFinitely Mark Hartstein, possibly maybe Denis
Moskowitz, other, other, other.  I know that there's people I'm
overlooking.   ::pre-emptive forehead slap::   Not Zarf, he's not as
studl^H^H^H^H^Hinsane as Cthulhia, doing both the Hysteria Munt and
the (obviously far superior) con in the same weekend.   ;-7

Julia wrote:
J> I will be at Arisia while also doing the Mystery Hunt. I'm already
J> on
J> the Giant Zendo panel and a couple others. But, I can't commit
J> myself for any more Arisia events without cutting too much into
J> Hunt. (By Sunday afternoon, the hunt should hopefully be done, and
J> then I'll have time, but... I can't count on that.)
   Good, you can come to the FPGoH presentation on Sunday night,
then!   ;-D

J> Also, there is a Giant Pyramid painting party at Pandemonium this
J> Sunday, 2 pm. (Mostly to repaint the silvery ones, since their
J> color
J> seems to shed a little too easily. But, I'll be able to see if the
J> other colors need much touch up work.) 
   There's Red/Blue/Green/Yellow for Zendo, right (said the purist)?

B> OK, it looks like the current schedule for all Rabbity type
B> activities  
B> that I know of is:
B> 8-10 PM Friday - Looney Labs Card Games
B> 10 AM - noon Saturday - Icehouse Games
B> 1 PM Saturday - Giant Zendo with fan GoH Eric Zuckerman
B> 12-2 PM Sunday - Gaming with a GoH/Fluxx 10th Anniversary
B> 5-7 PM Sunday - Giant Icehouse
   Just FYI, I think I'm either scheduled opposite or Not Operational
Yet, for anything that doesn't say "GoH" above.   :-\

B> Of course, these always turn into much longer than 2
B> hours  
B> > of total playing, since it's in open gaming and people can just
B> keep  
B> > playing as long as they want, but those are the times I'd be  
B> > committed to be there to teach the games.
B> >
   Yeah, I also wanted to make Giant Zendo longer, but I "couldn't
make changes" (because I didn't have ownership of it).  I /think/ I
have an hour of downtime, that some of which could go to some Giant


P.S.:  Reminder to self:  order some 10th Anniversary card packs.


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