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Re: [Rabbits] Rabbits digestion: Arisia

  • From"Julia C. Tenney" <tenney@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 15 Jan 2008 11:33:11 -0500
Quoting Brian Campbell (lambda@xxxxxxx):
> >  There's Red/Blue/Green/Yellow for Zendo, right (said the purist)?
> Sorry, I believe the Arisia stashes are colored Silver, Some Kind Of  
> Orange With Doodles On It, and a couple other colors I don't recall. I  
> will ask the nice folks at Phoenix Games if they can bring their  
> stashes, so we can have more than 4 stashes (and can thus play Giant  
> Volcano), and a better selection of colors (I believe theirs included  
> the 4 standard colors).

Our colors: Green, Lilac, Silver and Orange. 

Arisia Giant stashes are non-standard colors, specifically to not
conflict with the nearby giant stashes that sometimes make it to the
con (i.e. Columbia gamers: Red, Blue, White, Cardboard. I don't know
what colors Phoenix has). 

Ronald or Brian, can you pre-emptively supply black and white cups? (or
something else of that ilk?) Also, do I need to supply standard sized
Looney games this year? (e.g., the happy backpack?) Let me know.