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  • From"Nicholas Roche" <njr75003@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 11 Apr 2008 22:58:28 -0400
Greetings fellow Looney Lab Rabbits! My name is Nicholas Roche, and I am
Gaming Coordinator for the VULKON Orlando Spring Sci-Fi Expo being held this
May 16th-18th.

Being a more of a Blab Rabbit myself at this point, I would like to see if
any Rabbits in or near the Orlando area would like to hold one or more
Gaming Sessions at our upcoming event. I have the following games to use if

FLUXX 3.0 (expanded with bonus cards; more like 3.1+)

If you have any ICEHOUSE/TREEHOUSE games as well, please bring them!

Our shows have had Card Gaming sessions in the past--usually on Friday night
and Saturday night--but nothing terribly organized. If someone can give me a
hand (or possibly take supervisory control) with this go-around, I would be
very happy. I can even see about getting any participants on as Staff for
the event, which includes free admission to the event and one autograph each
from current main stars Thomas Dekker (late of HEROES and THE SARAH CONNOR
CHRONICLES) and Jonathan Frakes (STAR TREK's William Riker).

Please contact me ASAP. You can do so by either:

(a) replying here;

(b) Joining the VULKON forums (go to http://vulkon.com and click on FORUMS
at the top); or

(c) e-mailing me at njr75003@xxxxxxxxxxxxx .

_NJR_ Many thanks for your attention!

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