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[Rabbits] [Convention Report] MisCon 23 - Missoula, Montana (May 22nd - 25th)

  • FromJ H <darklighter_rogue5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 31 May 2009 09:57:20 -0600
Mad Lab Rabbits - Convention Report
MisCon 23 in Missoula, MT, USA
May 22nd - 25th
MisCon 23 was a great success for Looney Labs and Fluxx.  Over the weekend I was able to run demos and games for Monty Python Fluxx with the Castle Expansion and Zombie Fluxx with the Flamethrower Expansion.  Both Fluxx flavors were equally well-received, and were played and enjoyed by many.  Surprisingly, the majority of the players had never even played Fluxx before!  Not surprisingly, they quickly became Fluxx fans!  The game is so easy to learn and teach, the themes are rich, and Fluxx has excellent replay value.
A noteworthy highlight was when the Outrageous Accent rule was in effect during one of the Monty Python Fluxx games.  We had an Arnold Schwarzenegger player and a Punjabi accent player going nuts, cracking up all of the other players with their constant jabber.  This silly card made Monty Python Fluxx the more popular of the two!
Before the event, I had personally purchased 25 of each promo card and 25 of the Castle Expansions to give away to Fluxx participants at the convention.  These prizes added further success to the Fluxx gaming events, which in turn converted into sales of Fluxx in the retailer room of the convention.  In speaking with one retailer on the last day of MisCon, they had completely sold out of their Fluxx product within minutes of the convention's retailer room opening that day!
It was a fun weekend, I met so many nice people, and it was so wonderful introducing so many people to Fluxx!
Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Hansen
Billings/Bozeman, MT
P.S. - I'm hoping to make it to SpoCon at the end of July in Spokane, WA as well!

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