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Re: [Rabbits] GenCon 2009 Event Report (The "I'm not going to lie" edition)

  • FromBart Janssens <bartjanssens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 18 Aug 2009 21:25:38 -0400
First of all, mad props to Shane, who...
-organized everything
-dealt with GenCon, including moving Werewolf to a much better location after Thursday
-fed us several times
-wrangled extra tables when we needed them
...and then kept telling us that *we* were going above and beyond.

Sheesh. For my part, all I did was show up (would've anyway), bring my game collection (would've anyway), run Fluxx etc. when needed (ditto), and run a few rounds of Werewolf (okay, first time moderating, but it wasn't a problem).

Thanks to everyone who came for a great GenCon, and thanks to the Looneys for making the games in the first place!

I happened to notice the Steve Jackson Games/Atlas Games/etc booth. And apparently Shane saw it as well:

They were actually listed on our flyer, but as Adventure Retail. As seen in the photo, they had quite a selection... including copies of Proton and the Peace Puzzle. (I bought one of the latter; I already have Proton).

I remember one more...(checks map) Lotus Guardian, I think.

- Bart

PS Anyone find (or post) any of the quartet-of-Rabbits pics from Saturday yet?