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[Rabbits] GenCon 2009 Event Report (The "I'm not going to lie" edition)

  • FromShane Tilton <cybertheologian@xxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 17 Aug 2009 23:53:57 -0400
Greetings all,

I apologize from the cross posting, but I figured this was the easiest way to talk about GenCon. I've got to give a major thank you to Jared, Bart, Daniel, Marissa, John and Scott for their help with everything this year. 


I got there at 2 PM and went to the HQ to get Jared and Marissa's badges. There was a issue with our badge count because I chose to put "AYAW?" as a ZED - Isle of Misfit Events as it would be highlighted. But, it didn't get factor into our badge counts. GM HQ worked hard to fix that, (big love to Dana, Dominic and Derek for working with us). We held the Lab Rabbit meet up which turned quickly into a huge game of "Monty Python Fluxx" and "Are You the Traitor?"
The Hyatt Ballroom hosted "AYAW?" with some side games of "AYTT?"

Event Counts:
Lab Rabbit Meet-Up: 16
AYAW? 75


The biggest issue was that the area assigned for "AYAW?" was really a bad spot for the game. We were basically in front of the exits. When we submit events next, we got to make sure that we get the area in front of 212, by the escalators.  

Event Counts:
Fluxx Happy Hour: 26
Treehouse Happy Hour: 0
AYAW?: 26


The "AYAW?" room area was resolved.

Event Counts:
Fluxx Happy Hour: 32
Treehouse Happy Hour: 8
AYAW?: 22


Marissa came into town today and helped run both happy hours. The Fluxx version was full again, while the Treehouse had limited attendance. The biggest thing that happened was that they had to evacuate the convention center. We heard a siren and figure that a game had ended. Then, the lights came on and a voice told us to calmly leave the convention center. We waited around 30 to 45 minutes as the fire department had to be called to look through the center and discover that there wasn't any fire.  

Event Counts:
Fluxx Happy Hour: 23
Treehouse Happy Hour: 4
AYAW?: 32


It was a huge day of rest. Woke up early to pack up. Got a change to play Revolution. Marissa, John, Bart & Daniel & I met to discuss the convention. We discussed that I could break up what I do as Event Coordinator into several different roles. This year I collected tickets, ran events, dealt with problems, talked to the event headquarters, handled vendor relations. Therefore, next year the role break down would be similar to the Top Rabbit, Tournament Director & Demo Rabbits system we have at Origins. I'll work this out on the wiki. Also, we'll change Treehouse Happy Hour to the Looney Happy Hour. We addressed having something between the 2 to 4 PM slot. We still don't know what yet. Finally, we are in the Alpha/Beta stage of getting a room to ran events next year. I've been in talks with Steve Jackson Games and their event coordinator, Marc. They seem okay with combining our forces and sharing a room to hold events. We still need to run it past GenCon. Then, it was time to go back into the exhibit hall one last time. I got to demo Android from Fantasy Flight. After the demo, I left Indy to head back home.

Event Counts:
Lab Rabbit Meet-Up: 5
AYAW? Ribbons: 96

Break Down:

GenCon was an overall success. "MPF" and "AYTT?" were well recevied by the players. The booths that I talked to told me that sales and traffic were down. Another thing was that we had five booths listed on our promo sheet, but there were a good five to ten more that were selling our stuff, so we were well represented at the con. Finally, a thought that I had was that if those who went to GenCon wanted to pool they money, we could possibly get a suite next year. I'll look into that as well.

Shane Tilton,
Event Coordinator of GenCon,
Looney Labs